American Tea Room Review

Who are American Tea Room?

American Tea Room is an US company founded in 2003. It has been featured on TV shows like Oprah and publications like LA Weekly. American Tea Room is regarded as being on of the best tea retailers in the USA.

This company offers a wide variety of teas and teaware. USDA certified organic tea, sold as loose leaf or sachets, and premium teaware with both classic and modern designs. All products are sourced from around the world. Only sustainable tea plantations are chosen to supply the ingredients for American Tea Room blends. China, India, Japan, Taiwan, these are just a few places from where this company sources its premium ingredients.

American Tea Room offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of its products. Simply return your order to the address featured on the website and you will receive your money back, no questions asked. This company also provides Free Shipping for domestic orders over 50$. In addition to this, American Tea Room has invested in, and implemented, a Secure Online Transaction system, so your information can be kept safe and you can repeat your orders without having to input the information twice.

Why Choose American Tea Room?

When choosing any tea or tea product, the main aspect to take into consideration should be ingredients. Be it for loose leaf teas, or tea blends, the ingredients are the most important part. American Tea Room features USDA Certified Organic ingredients in all of their products. Premium tea leaves and tea blends, sourced from all over the world from eco-friendly farms. Each product sold is tested by specialists in order to make sure that all the quality standards are met and you will get the full American Tea Room experience in every cup.

American Tea Room offers a wide selection of teas, from Oolong, White teas, Rooibos, to rare Matchas, this company has it all. All of these teas can be found online, as well as extra online exclusive products.

Where to Buy American Tea Room Products?

You can find these rare and premium teas by clicking the below link. Read the full American Tea Room review and place your order today and benefit from special online offers!





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