Okuma Nutritionals Review

What is Okuma Nutritionals?

Okuma Nutritionals is a family business founded in 1998, dedicated to providing premium Oolong tea to the market. Since then, they have sold over 4 million boxes of Oolong to safisfied customers all around the world.


Okuma Nutritionals sources its Oolong from the Fujian Province in China, the tea capital of the World. The premium Oolong is 100% certified organic. It is USDA, COR, and EU Organic approved, and the company has implemented a HACCP quality monitoring program to keep the standards high.

Each product sold by this company contains no GMOs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial colorants or artificial flavoring. The tea is in its purest, highest quality form, and is delivered directly to you, wherever you may be in the world.

Products Sold by Okuma Nutritionals

Okuma sells 4 main products, all based on Oolong tea:

  • Wulong Tea: Premium Oolong harvested from the Fujian Province, in its purest form
  • Slim Tea: Premium Oolong from Fujian, harvested from an elevated height, with a very bold taste and efficient weight loss properties
  • Kenyan Blend: A blend between the Fujian Oolong and Rift Valley Kenyan Oolong, for a sweeter, flowery taste, also good for weight loss
  • Oolong Capsules: Concentrated Oolong extract in a capsule, for people on the go who want to benefit from the amazing properties of the tea

Each product comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee from the company, so each client can get their money back in a safe and easy way if the product is not up to par with their standards or expectations.

Where to Buy?

Okuma offers a safe and easy order and payment method on any purchase, and international shipping as well. Your personal data will be safe and you will receive your order in no time!

The products, and a full review of them, can be found by accessing the following link below:



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