Does Cleanse Tea Work?

Yes, Cleanse Tea does work!


Tried and tested personally for a whole month, as recommended by the manufacturer of Cleanse Tea, Bauer, the conclusions are in and they are very clear: it works as intended and then some.

When we were looking for a good tea detox treatment we did our research thoroughly and decided on testing Cleanse Tea by Bauer, a natural tea made by a reputable company. We ordered from the website that provided the most detailed and compelling review of this, and offered free shipping and a money back guarantee. There 2 elements show that this website is genuine and takes its tea seriously.

The website we are referring to is Tea for Beauty. It is full of details about different sorts of tea treatments, plants and recipes, as well as a review section that contains elaborate and detailed reviews on each tea, personally tested by the staff.

Results of Cleanse Tea

As indicated by the manufacturer, Cleanse Tea is a detox diet that should be consumed up to a month, by drinking 2-3 cups a day. We did just that. In this time, weight loss effects were observed (every person that tried it lost between 5-8 pounds, similar to the effects of Kou Tea). In addition to these, the detox worked perfectly. The digestive system, as well as the blood, were cleansed in an effective way. Made from all natural ingredients, this tea has no added preservatives or sugar, and presents no health risks and no interactions with medication.

It is made from Senna Leaf, Yarrow and Cleavers. Mixed together in a special blend, these ingredients act to cleanse your body. This tea will purify your blood of toxins and keep your digestive system in perfect working order, with the added benefit of a small weight loss.

Try it today, but first read the full review by clicking on the below:

Cleanse Tea Review



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