Kou Tea Summer Cleanse

1. Kou Tea steam

A hot steam using kou tea is perfect for a fast and easy way of cleansing your pores. Boil some Kou Teabags and place the tea in a bowl. Using a clean towel, soak it in the tea and place it on your face and lay on your back for 10-15 minute in order for the steam to completely cleans your pores.

2. Kou Tea mud mask


Mud masks are great for eliminating toxins accumulated on the surface of the skin and to revitalize the skin of your face and purify it of any unwanted chemicals. Brew a cup of KouTea and use it to make mix with the desired mud for your mask, and apply as usual. The mud will be gifted with the properties of kou tea and will help give you extra protection for yur face this summer.

3. Kou Tea bath

Take a long and hot bath in order to relax after a hard day, and add KouTea to it! Add teabags to the hot water and let them infuse, giving a great and fresh scent and working wonders for your skin, making it softer and getting rid of toxins at the same time.


4. Drink Kou Tea


If you drink this tea on a regular basis, twice a day, especially in the hottest summer days, you will feel both cooled off and energized. Your entire body and skin will be hydrated and you can add lemon or orange to this tea to help with digestion. Add Kou Tea to your daily routine this summer and all year-long, and you will feel the benefits shortly!




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