Kou Tea Quick Summary

KouTea is a balanced blend of 4 different teas, all with unique properties and with benefits for your organism and well being.


Kou Tea Face Mask

One of the best things you can offer you skin this summer, the Kou Tea and oatmeal face mask! This mask will, at the same time, keep your skin soft and hydrated, and cleanse it of toxins from the environment. It is used for deep exfoliation, and the KouTea¬†present in it acts as a cooling…

Kou Tea for Sunburn

Don’t let sunburn get you down in the hot summer month, you can treat it now with Kou Tea, fast, easy and at home!

Kou Tea Summer Cleanse

A hot steam using kou tea is perfect for a fast and easy way of cleansing your pores. Boil some Kou Teabags and place the tea in a bowl.