Kou Tea Review

Kou Tea

The tea we are reviewing today is the much talked about Kou Tea. We will offer a short introduction about this tea, what it is used for and where you can buy it, after testing in ourselves for 3 weeks.

What is Kou Tea?Kou-Tea

It is a mixture of 4 different teas, all with their specific properties and benefits: Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea. This tea aims to get the best out of its 4 ingredients and pack it all in a single, concentrated and very potent blend.

What is Kou Tea used for?

The most popular use for this is in weight loss programs. It acts in speeding up the metabolism, burning fat, limiting food cravings, lowering cholesterol and giving an all day energy boost as it has caffeine extracted from the Oolong tea ingredient.

Review and recommendations

We tried this tea for 3 weeks, and every person participating in this experiment lost between 10 and 15 pound while doing so. The recommended dosage for this is 2 cups a day, everyday. Another thing we noticed with a much focused general mood and more energy during the whole day.

No side effects were noticed, as this is a natural product. It is a healthy and no-risk way to lose weight in a relatively fast pace, coupled with exercise and a balanced diet. Drinking this tea daily has major benefits for overall health and mood as well.

Where to find Kou Tea

We searched the web for the best offer and best website from where to purchase this tea. There are a number of place offering this tea but the price was way off, so we found a website that deals directly with the producer of this tea and offers discounts based on the quantity bought. For 3 boxes of tea bought, we got one free, and its a pretty good deal. Below is the direct link to the website, tested and tried, now trusted:



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